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August 2010

Commit To Energy Saving With West Yorkshire Windows

Energy saving is a current hot topic as the issues of global warming and climate change become more and more prominent. Too many of us are wasting energy in the home and giving no thought to the fact that natural supplies are starting to run out, hence why energy bills are consistently becoming more expensive. West Yorkshire Windows has been committed to greener products for a considerable amount of time and it is time that you did the same and we can help you on your way.

One of the most important things you need to do if you have traditional wooden windows is to replace them with uPVC equivalents. This is because double glazing is a better conductor of heat and because there are two panes of glass involved, it means that heat is less likely to be wasted via the windows into the outdoors. You need to be aware that climate change affects everyone around us, so West Yorkshire Windows can offer you energy rated windows at a discounted price in many different styles.

Most newly built homes are being constructed with energy saving windows already installed, so if you do not change yours do not be surprised if you have difficulty in selling it in the future. When you also consider that your energy bills may be halved, it would be madness not to consider the idea. It could also help protect future generations and we are fully committed to that fact. All our products are now created with the fact that we need to take care of the environment and give all our customers beneficial savings.

If you are interested in any of the products viewed on our website such as conservatories or uPVC doors, you can apply online for a free quotation. We will get back to you with a cost price in quick time.

Do Something Different With A Garage Conversion With West Yorkshire Windows

We would like to remind you about our newest home improvement solution, converting garages. There are so many people who leave their garage area redundant and when you think about the enormous amount of room being wasted, it seems a shame not to do something with it. Well you can when you employ West Yorkshire Windows as we can convert a single garage or even convert half of a double garage so that you still have room to park the car.

Garage conversions are becoming a sensible way of extending a home rather than having to leave a property as installers such as us can make it a liveable area in which you can utilise a huge amount of space in any way you require. Building a brick extension on a home can be very expensive as it is a brand new structure, whereas a garage already exists and West Yorkshire Windows can add any lighting, plumbing and heating requirements it may need.

It must be remembered that it is common place to obtain planning permission when considering converting a garage. But do not let this put you off as we can take care of this side of things on your behalf and we will seek to rectify any potential problems. We have provided you with further motivation to have a garage extension in your home by providing you with 30% off the cost price and a free energy saving window. If you have any queries about converting a garage and what is possible, visit our FAQ’s page for further guidance.

If you are looking for any other form of extension, we also construct conservatories and orangeries in homes for those who need it. Call us for free on 0800 464 0444 to find out how we can change your home.

New UPVC Windows Could Save You A Packet

Living costs in the home are constantly on the rise. Things such as council tax, TV licence, rent and especially energy bills always seem to be increasing in price, therefore causing a burden to your wallet and preventing you from spending money on those other things that give you pleasure in life. Now although new windows are not the answer to everything, they could be the key to helping save you substantially on your energy bills.

Double glazing and uPVC windows can reduce the amount of air that is allowed to leave your home as the glass they are composed of is extremely thick and tight fitted. When air is allowed to pass through windows and it is a cold day, it tends to lead to us turning up our heating even further, therefore becoming the cause of those ever steeping bills. The difference with uPVC windows and doors is that heat will be trapped for a long period of time, meaning that heating does not have to be on constantly. When you consider how much that will save you in the long run, you will realise that you could be saving hundreds of pounds every year, money you can then use to treat yourself.

New windows also have other purposes. They are better designed and crafted than old timber windows and therefore once installed in a home they will be incredibly hard to break or force. When you consider the amount of valuables you have in the home such as the television, stereo or jewellery, a new set of windows could help keep them all safe and ensure that you never have to replace them. The one off cost of replacement windows may be pricey by your standards, but they are an investment for life and your home would be better with them than without them.


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