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December 2010

UPVC French Doors Will Bring Your Home Out Of The Dark Ages

At this time of year you may find that your home tends to get dark very quickly and not just as a result of the short daylight hours. Sometimes it is just because your existing windows and doors are not positioned in areas where this light can best be utilised, or it could be because they are simply not equipped to make the most of sunlight. If this is currently the case in your home then you need to invest in a new set of doors.

UPVC doors are useful, but very often they come with very little glazing and are predominantly made up of UPVC as opposed to glass. However, UPVC French doors differ slightly in that they can be placed towards the back of the interior of your home and offer a great amount of glass, as well as style and sophistication.

These doors are extremely popular on the continent as foreign homeowners like to be able to appreciate the outdoors of the home more readily than us Brits. This is the 21st Century and it is time that we all woke up to the usefulness and practicality of these new innovative set of doors.

There really is no better way to make your entrance into the back garden than via these beautiful doors. With them opening both inwards and outwards, they will also bring in that much needed breeze during the summer, while helping to keep out the cold air during winter. They are also energy efficient and will allow virtually no hot air created to pass through them, further helping to bring down the cost of your current energy bills.

They will work as effectively as double glazing when it comes to heating the home, so wake up to the benefits of these doors sooner rather than later.

Unused Garage? There’s Gold Under Those Piles Of Junk!


Many people have a garage attached to their home, and many of them have never stored their car in it. If you’re now thinking of that cluttered room attached to your house where you throw any unwanted junk that you can’t seem to part with then this article is for you.

Why waste a perfectly good area of your home? You wouldn’t waste a bedroom in that way and you shouldn’t waste your garage either. That chaotic car hole could be converted with relative ease, let’s have a think of the possibilities for that redundant space:

Home Office: Do you work from home a lot? Or do the kids need somewhere to do their homework? Your unused garage could be effectively put to use as a home office, a quiet space where you can collect your thoughts and be comfortable whilst you work. That big garage door? It could be window feature that pours bags of natural light into your home workspace.


Kids Play Room: Maybe you’re tired of sharing your living room with the kid’s toys, or you’ve tripped over that skateboard one too many times. Your garage could quite easily be converted into a space where the kids can play with their toys.

Extra Sitting Area: An extra sitting room can make a huge difference for you and your family, no more arguments over who’s watching what on the television. Or maybe you would just like a quiet TV free area where you can relax with magazines or a book.


 I’m sure there are limitless options to suit all tastes and we can help! Have a look here on our site at work we’ve done in the past, call or book an appointment to see how we can help with your garage renovation project.

Garage Conversions At West Yorkshire Windows Use Up Redundant Space

Lack of space is something which regularly causes problems in the home, especially when your family begins to grow and you only have a small household. Very often we do not make the most of what space you do potentially have available. West Yorkshire Windows wonders how many of these people have a garage which is currently being left unused and which could be utilised to create vital additional space.

Similar to a conservatory, glass extensions and conservatories in Leeds, a garage conversion could be the perfect answer when you need to make more room in the home. We can convert your garage into an area where you relax, cook or even sleep, as the option is there to turn it into a second living room, separate kitchen area or bedroom.

Too many people just use their garage as a dumping ground for items like garden electricals, bins and other appliances. But, just think about how much room that even a single garage could provide to you and your family. For those lucky enough to have a double garage, West Yorkshire Windows can split the garage into two halves. One half where you keep all your current garden equipment, and one half where you socialise or revert to when you want some peace and quiet.

When you consider the cost of having a brick built extension added onto your home, compared to a garage conversion, it really is an easy decision to make. Converting your garage can be done at a tiny fraction of the price and will have the same sort of lifespan than any other extension could offer.

If you have a specific idea of how you want your new conversion to look, contact West Yorkshire Windows via our website or over the telephone and let us make your dreams come true.


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