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November 2012

E.ON Lining Up New Year Price Hikes

Energy company E.ON have been very quietly recently, the only firm out of the Big Six not to announce an increase in energy prices after promising not to change their pricing structure for the rest of 2012.

Well if rumours are to be believed their silence will soon come to an end as they are shortly expected to raise gas and electricity prices by 11 per cent for each of its five million customers in January. This works out at an increase of £130 per year for those on a dual-fuel bill.

Rather than get into a state of panic, E.ON customers or customers of any of the other major suppliers who have recently raised their prices are encouraged to make their home more energy efficient to offset any energy price rises. This means getting rid of any ageing windows responsible for excess heat loss and unwanted draughts.

In their place you need to install double glazing in Rotherham, double glazing in Sheffield or double glazing in Leeds and who better to fit them than West Yorkshire Windows, the nation’s reigning ‘Installer of the Year’.

Our full window range is specifically designed to save you a fortune on your annual fuel bill as it contains a thermal efficient UPVC frame and two thick panes of glass purposely built to retain heat in the home. No cold spots will be felt in your home ever again, nor will you be left paying over the odds for household energy.

In addition to their undoubted ability to drive down the cost of energy bills, our windows will rejuvenate the appearance of your property all on their own. Few home improvements can create the visual impact that West Yorkshire Windows have the ability to do.

Visit one of our showrooms to see the full collection.

Make A Conservatory Your Dedicated Place Of Work

Advances in technology have meant that working away from the office is the norm for thousands of people around the globe. The introduction of mobile communications such as the mobile phone, laptop, i-Pad, tablet etc. allows us to transfer work and ideas via email and many other sophisticated computer programs to people, making the arduous journey into work a thing of the past for some.

However, those who no longer travel into work on a daily basis still need a dedicated area where they can perform their work-related duties in peace and with the upmost privacy.

There will be some homeowners lucky enough to have their own study area, but these only tend to be present in larger and expensive properties. If the existing living room or dining room in your home fails to provide the floor space you need to sit down and deal with paperwork or has not got the capacity to accommodate essential electrical items e.g. computer, printer etc. then try installing a conservatory.

Few people will associate conservatories in Barnsley, conservatories in Leeds or conservatories in Rotherham with office space, most readily considering them to solely be a place where you put your feet up and soak in the atmosphere around you. Whilst this is a great way of utilising a conservatory, it is far more multi-purpose than that and can be used in a huge variety of ways, one of which is as a home office.

Fitting and installing office furniture inside a conservatory is easily achievable. Appropriately-sized desks, chairs and storage space can be slotted inside so that you can get down to work in comfort and with everything at hand. Many people tend to be more productive away from the conventional office so do not be surprised if a conservatory motivates you to do that little bit more.

When looking to unwind away from work you can revert to the other rooms in your home or get the rest of the family to join you in the delights that a conservatory provides to all its inhabitants. It has the space required for everyone to get together and do what ordinary families do, talk, laugh and generally enjoy each others company.

Anyone inspired by TV programmes such as Dragons Den or The Apprentice to start their own business would be hard-pushed to find a better set of work premises than a conservatory. Give it a go!


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