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April 2013

Buy A Conservatory And Enable Your Home To Grow

As we age, we grow. As your home ages, it does not grow which can pose a problem for occupants if their family has expanded since first moving into the property. The more your home is lived in, the more likely it is that its contents grow. Rather than allow your home to stagnate in terms of liveable space, why not extend the space you have with a brand new conservatory design.

West Yorkshire Windows has been installing conservatories in Rotherham, conservatories in Sheffield and conservatories in Leeds for many years, becoming ‘UK Installer of the Year’ along the way.

We have seen for our own eyes just how much of a difference they can make to family life. They can transform a modern or traditional household that has gradually shrunk over time, to one that feels alive with space, leaving homeowners delighted with their choice. The space created can then be utilised to suit the specific lifestyle of those people living inside.

Whichever part of your home has been left most restricted can be compensated for with a conservatory, particularly places such as the living or dining rooms.

Just imagine the buzz you will get out of lounging or dining within the wondrous atmospheric ambience of a conservatory. The constant stream of natural sunlight that fills the space during the day and unique feeling generated once night falls is sure to leave you and your family elated every time you get the chance to sample it.

You will never have reason to complain again that your property lacks the openness you need to enjoy pleasurable home living.

The existing size of your home will have an effect on which type of conservatory you choose. The team at West Yorkshire Windows can sit down and discuss your requirements to find the ideal solution.

Veranda Conservatories – Ideal For Summer Living

Nobody could have predicted that the UK would be hit by snowfall in April, not even the most studious of weather forecasters. Even up till last week, certain parts of the county found themselves waking up to a sea of white. But things have to improve soon! The summer has been a long time coming so when it arrives you need to make sure that you take full advantage of it.

It is wishful thinking to expect that a sustained period of warm temperatures will occur, especially when you consider the unpredictability of the weather so why not hedge your bets and get an extension fitted that allows you to combine indoor and outdoor living.

Confused? Whilst there are many merits to be had from ownership of conservatories in Rotherham, conservatories in Sheffield or conservatories in Leeds, we have an alternative solution available in our product range that changes the concept of the home extension.

Introducing the Veranda conservatory; a home extension that provides the conventional living space of a traditional conservatory, combined with a specially added on Veranda area covered by an overhanging glass covered roof.

It is ideal for when the weather takes a turn for the worse and you don’t necessarily want to be restricted to the indoors as you can sit on the Veranda and take in everything around you without fear of getting your hair wet.

Why should the weather ever be allowed to spoil the enjoyment you derive from experiencing extended home living?

You will note that we have several images of the Veranda conservatory on our website, but we can honestly say that in order to fully appreciate it you need to come and see it in person.

West Yorkshire Windows has four separate showrooms you can visit each of which has a Veranda conservatory ready and waiting for you to examine in all its glory.


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