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June 2017

upvc conservatories

Cleaning your conservatory roof

From time to time your conservatory roof will need a good clean. Here are a few tips to help you make sure you do it right.
Cleaning a conservatory roof isn’t easy – access is the biggest issue so make sure you have a safe way to access the roof, preferable from the ground or ladder and by using an extended brush/pole. Do not stand on the roof. To make sure you loosen all the grime and dirt, us a soap/domestic cleaner that is specific for outdoor use.
You can use a pole with a sponge attached or you can buy/hire outdoor cleaning equipment that have a water feed.

Step one:
Have everything ready and make sure you have a safe and secure work area. This means setting up your step ladder securely and ensuring it is stable and level. You may need someone to help keep your ladder steady and help with passing you the cleaning products and equipment.

Step two:
Coordinate your work – work from one side to another applying your cleaning product and get scrubbing the dirt. Keep scrubbing, removing tough stains requires persistence!

Step three:
When you have cleaned the whole roof and you are happy with the results, rinse thoroughly with clean water and wipe down or leave it to dry.

If you are unable to access your roof safely or unable to it yourself then there are plenty of local conservatory cleaners around in most areas.

If you are looking to upgrade to a solid roof then please request a quote online.
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Holidays west yorkshire windows

Do you worry about going on holiday during the summer?

Worrying whether your property will be well protected whilst you are away. You shouldn’t need to worry!

Below are a few tips to help make sure your home is protected and to help you relax.

Ask a friend or neighbour to call round and keep an eye on your home

Give a family member or a friend a key and ask them if they would be kind enough to keep an eye on your property and even close the curtains on an evening and open them again in the morning.

Join your local Neighbourhood Watch scheme

Neighbourhood Watch schemes are designed to reduce crime in communities. If you join a group then has a member you will be expected to keep an eye on the area and should report any suspicious activities. This also means that other people in the group will be keeping an eye on your area whilst you are away.

Fit the latest windows and doors

Make sure your windows and doors are fully locked with any key locking systems or bolts. If you have old windows and doors they may not be as secure as they once were and you may need to think about upgrading to the latest, sophisticated locking systems on the market today. This is not just for whilst you go on holiday but to protect your property all year round.

Install an alarm system

Buy a British Standard approved alarm system and have it fitted by a specialist.

Don’t publicise your holiday

Everyone looks forward to their holidays and most of us at some point have posted a picture on social media whilst we are sat in the airport or check in at the hotel. This publicises the fact that your home will be empty for a week or two. Try not to let everyone know that you are not home!

West Yorkshire Windows can help make your home secure. We offer windows & doors with all the latest locking systems, to help secure your property and keep your mind at ease all year round.

If you want to talk to us about new windows & doors or your existing ones, then give us a call or request a call back or even call into one of our showrooms.

West Yorkshire Windows provide a full range of  secure, energy efficient UPVC double glazed windows,  triple glazed windows, aluminium windows and heritage windows and all the latest styles and designs in UPVC doors & composite doors

We have 7 showrooms in Leeds, Sheffield, Penistone, Wakefield, Doncaster, Chesterfield and Nottingham.

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replacement window repairs

Misted windows and foggy windows

Many customers ask us about reasons why double glazed windows are steaming up. They are three types of condensation.

  1. Units are steaming up on the inside

If the double glazed unit steams up on the inside of your windows, is it very unlikely to be a faulty double glazed unit. Steaming up on the inside of the window happens when moisture hits your cold windows from things like dryers or radiators. Other reasons could be a roof or guttering damage or failed damp proof course.

  1. Condensation that appears inside your sealed double glazed unit

If condensation appears inside the double glazed unit then your glazing unit is likely to be damaged.  This can happen after many years. The seal has probably broken allowing condensations to leak inside the units. The units will need replacing. West Yorkshire Windows offer a 10 year warranty on all units and another 10 year warranty on parts.

  1. Condensation appears on the outside of your window (external window condensation)

This is a natural occurrence with all double glazed units. Homeowners with highly energy-efficient windows may notice condensation forming on the outside from time to time, usually Autumn time when the temperature starts to drop. The condensation soon clears up but fact the condensation is forming means that very little heat is escaping from your windows and that means you have good energy efficient windows.

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difference between orangery and conservatory

What is the difference between a conservatory and an orangery?

Here at West Yorkshire Windows, we get asked this a lot! Hopefully this will clear things up.

Your neighbour might be getting a new extension and used the terms ‘orangery’ and ‘conservatory’. Whilst everyone knows what a conservatory is, there is some confusion to what exactly an orangery is.

What is an Orangery?

The term Orangery was originally thought of in Italy and then this was formed in Holland. These buildings were seen as an extension for the wealthy.

Anyway, enough of the history, the main way to tell the difference between a conservatory and an orangery is:

  • An orangery has brick pillars from the floor to roof
  • A conservatory has no continuous brick from floor to roof

Simple? Exactly.

Just a few more details to clarify exactly what the difference is:

An orangery tends to:

  • Have a parapet
  • Have brick built pillars
  • Have less glass in comparison to a conservatory
  • Compliment the house in tone and colour of materials used
  • Be a more extravagant extension to the house

A conservatory tends to:

  • Be mainly made of glass in structure
  • Often have dwarf walls or one solid wall, depending on Building Regulations
  • Have a full glass roof
  • Compliment the house using the same brick colour and uPVC or wood to match the windows
  • Be a room that brings the outside in, bringing you closer to your garden

Hopefully this clears up what each of these types of extension are and what the differences

Now you can impress down the pub with your new terminology, or even nick that extra point on the pub quiz – it does get asked!

Are you looking for a new orangery or conservatory?

West Yorkshire Windows provide a full range of fully custom conservatories, modern orangeries, traditional orangeries and more. All fitted with energy efficient with UPVC double glazed windows, or even triple glazed windows, aluminium windows and heritage windows that are suitable for conservation areas.

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