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September 2017

guardian warm roof for conservatories

Will You Be Using Your Conservatory This Winter?

With September coming to an end, we’re starting to see the last few days of sunshine as the chill of autumn arrives, but is your home and your conservatory prepared for this change of season?

Right now, numerous people are suffering with the same dilemma- they love their conservatory but it’s always either too hot or too cold. One part of your conservatory can be held responsible for all of this, the roof. But how can you adapt your roof so that you stay warm throughout the winter and keep cool in the summer?

By replacing the glass or polycarbonate roof with a stylish Guardian tiled roof, you can improve the appearance of your conservatory as well as gaining a fully insulated, soundproofed roof.

How will this benefit me right now?

By replacing your current conservatory roof with a tiled roof, you can use your conservatory all year round, now is the perfect time to replace your roof to ensure full use of your conservatory throughout winter.

A solid roof conversion means that the conservatory is better insulated, making the space much more comfortable to use in the cold winter as well as, keeping your conservatory cool during the warmer summer due to its solid, opaque roofing, that blocks out direct sunlight.

This new layer of insulation will also help to reduce your energy bills! As any conservatory owner will already know, it can be very difficult to keep a conservatory cosy and warm during the winter, so by replacing your roof with solid tiles you can also add photovoltaic tiles, which can further help to reduce energy bills.

Worried about how your conservatory would look with a solid roof? Replacing glass roofing with solid tiles doesn’t mean that you have to compromise the aesthetic design of your property- in fact it’s quite the opposite! Guardian has a range of roof tiles and slates that can be used that closely match the roofing of the rest of the property, or a different colour or design can be fitted for a complimentary contrast.

If you’re still concerned about losing a chunk of the natural sunlight that enters your conservatory, you can also choose to add optional skylights into your roof for that extra finishing touch, allowing an extra percentage of natural light to enter the space.

When is the Best Time to Make this Change?

The autumn or spring months are the optimum time to replace your conservatory roof, as the weather and climate during these seasons makes for the best conditions for work to be carried out.

Replacing your roof during the autumn months will mean that you can instantly see and feel the benefits during the following winter months. In addition to this, fitting lightweight conservatory roof tiles during early spring will allow homeowners to get full enjoyment through the season and summer.

Before beginning work on replacing your roofing, remember to check with your local council to find out whether any of the modifications you want to make require planning permission.

Guardian is the UK’s market leader for tiled conservatory roofs and replacement conservatory roofs. The Guardian warm roof comes with a whole range of benefits and options to choose from to create the perfect living space including being LABC approved and thermally efficient, having various slate colour options and the ability to be installed quickly and without hassle.

If you’d like to more about our solid roofs then download a brochure today or call or call into one of our showrooms.


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