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January 2018

orangeries with bi fold doors and lantern roof

Planning a conservatory or an orangery? Things to consider…

Planning your conservatory

With a wide range of conservatory types available, make sure you carefully look at all your options and go through all your ideas and planning with your advisor. This can help you decide on the one that fits best with your home and suits your needs.

Here are somethings to consider whilst choosing your conservatory or orangery.


When deciding on the size of your new conservatory, make sure you’ll have enough space to enjoy it and enough space to make sure you can fit in any furniture you have in mind. A good tip is to mark out in the garden area to get an idea of space.


How much direct sunlight will your conservatory receive and at what time of the day? This could have a bearing on your choice of building location and the type of conservatory and roof system you choose. It could also impact on the glazing you use.

Materials – general

At West Yorkshire Windows we offer a large range of frames, glazing and roof systems for all conservatories. We can help you choose the right one for your conservatory.

Your also need to think about the interior and the mood you want to create. Some people like the ‘outdoor’ feel with tiled floors, patio-type furniture and bare brick or stone for the house wall; others prefer an ‘indoor’ character with carpeting, soft furnishings and wall coverings.

Materials – frame – Glazing

Aluminium, with thermal breaks for enhanced heat insulation, is a popular choice and is available in a range of colours and finishes.

Double glazing is a must nowadays to keep a conservatory comfortable all year round.

Low maintenance, long lasting UPVC is the automatic choice because of its affordability, classic style and thermal energy efficiency. It also comes in a range wood grain effect finishes in many colours.

You also have the aluminium and heritage ranges for a more contemporary or heritage look.


There are three main choices of roofing – glass, polycarbonate or sold roof

Glass gives you a clear view through the roof for you to fully appreciate the views of the ever-changing skies above your conservatory or orangery.

Polycarbonate has long been a popular choice for many homeowners. It comes in several shades and its polycarbonate sheets help maintain a comfortable room temperature regardless of the weather.

Solid Roof

A solid rood is a different proposition altogether. Obviously with a solid roof you miss out on the sky views and a lot of natural light, but the external and interior feel cannot be match. A solid roof will keep you conservatory or orangery warm in the winter and cool in the summer.


Ventilation is important. You need to be sure that your conservatory will let in fresh air and avoid condensation. Our conservatory are built with specific materials that are carefully created with building ventilation technology and our roofs have many ventilation options.

Function & Accessories

Think about the need the facilities such as plug sockets, switches, lighting etc and where your furniture will go. Also think about heating, fans and flooring and get a quote for all this at the same time.

Planning your new conservatory or orangery together with us will help you address all the main design considerations and more. We can help you everything from design, planning, build and we guarantee to guide you through the whole process as part of our service.

The honest advice you will be given by West Yorkshire Windows is based on many years of experience and thousands of installations. Our no-obligation design and quotation service, is provided free of charge.

Looking for a quote? Then get in touch today.


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Bespoke cream conservatory with glass roof

Condensation & Causes

Condensation is defined as the physical process by which a gas or vapour changes into a liquid. If the temperature of an object (e.g. grass, metal, glass) falls below what is known as the ‘dew point’ temperature for a given relative humidity of the surrounding air, water vapour from the atmosphere condenses into water droplets on its surface.

This ‘dew point’ varies according to the amount of water in the atmosphere and air temperature (known as relative humidity). In humid conditions condensation occurs at higher temperatures. In cold conditions condensation occurs despite relatively low humidity. With regard to windows and doors, it is the difference in temperature between the internal and external environment, and the glass, that causes condensation to form.

When attempting to reduce the degree of condensation it is important to note on which surface of the glass it forms; its location indicates the cause, and so points to the solution.

Condensation forms on the outside surface of glass when its temperature drops below the outdoor dew point temperature. Windows manufactured with a double or triple glazed unit containing energy efficient low-emissivity glass have enhanced thermal insulation properties thanks to a high performance transparent coating that reflects heat from radiators or fires back into the room.

As a result the outer pane of glass does not get warmed by heat escaping from inside the building through the glass and remains cooler in comparison to less thermally efficient windows.

External condensation only occurs in certain climatic conditions – a variable combination of high relative humidity and clear cold conditions normally experienced in spring and autumn.

Newly constructed conservatories need an initial “drying out” period. Many hundreds of litres of water are used during its construction. In the winter it will take longer to dry out. Provide natural ventilation whenever possible.

Multiwall polycarbonate

Condensation sometimes occurs inside the chambers of polycarbonate sheets. This is not a fault or leek but is due to the product being slightly permeable to gas and water vapour.

Condensation can only ever be minimised and never eradicated.


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