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April 2018

leaded aluminium windows with double glazing

Feeling Grey?

The demand for coloured windows and doors continues. Fuelled by on-trend interior magazines and property programmes, coloured windows now account for a much larger proportion of total windows sold and it’s not hard to see why. With all the benefits of white PVC-U windows including thermal efficiency and low maintenance, coloured PVC-U can also help a property stand out from neighbouring houses on the same street and inject a bit of personality into the overall look of your home.

What’s trending?

Grey remains the base colour of choice, but colour choices are also getting bolder. As is often the case, travel is having a big influence on interior design this year and the magazines are suggesting global-inspired patterns of earthy shades of clay, terracotta and ochre on soft furnishings. Tropical trends are still popular, but instead of carnival brights, it’s all about mixing lush, energising greens and bold leaf patterns. Even ‘grey’ is evolving as we see a significant shift towards more blue and green tones.

Of course, the interior design savvy, are often braver in their design choices than many homeowners but we do tend to choose a version of the styles and colour schemes we like, and even with brighter colours coming to the fore, grey, either in its darker anthracite form or a new variation of the palette, remain the most popular base choice.

Aluminium look alike

Part of the reason for the continuing popularity of grey windows in particular is again design-based. Industrial inspired architecture and interiors is a popular theme on programmes like Grand Designs, which we all dream of recreating, albeit often on a smaller scale to the properties featured on the programme. This look is often created through the use of aluminium products, or products that at least look like aluminium. For those who want to recreate this look but don’t have the budget for aluminium products and don’t necessarily like the material for their homes, PVC-U grey windows are a fantastic alternative. More cost effective than aluminium like for like products and timber alternatives, PVC-U remains the number one choice of window material for most homeowners.

The Full Range

We sell a full range of options at West Yorkshire Windows so that we can meet every need. Whether you’re looking for aluminium, grey PVC-U that looks like aluminium, timber appearance, or any other white or coloured PVC-U option, we have a wide range of options. What’s more, we appreciate what a difficult decision it is to make, and the balance between achieving the dream Grand Designs look to your home, and the practicality of design and cost limitations. That’s why we have a team of friendly, no-pressure experts on hand to discuss your requirements and help you decide which option is best for your home, whether that be traditional white PVC-U or a more on-trend grey alternative.

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Grey french doors and windows

What’s Trending?

It’s a busy time for the home improvements industry as we enter Spring and look forward to summer. Now is the time homeowners find the enthusiasm to spec out which home improvements they need, and which will make it to the top of the priority list. So, which products are likely to make the grade in 2018?

At the beginning of the year there were lots of reports about which products are performing well and which are likely to continue to perform well for the rest of the year. There are definitely certain products that seem to be proving popular with no sign of slowing down this year.

New Openings

Doors continue to be high on the list of priorities for homeowners. Whether aluminium or PVC-U and whether bi-fold, French or patio. This is as a result of the fact that we’re all still searching for the best of open plan living, including between indoors and outdoors in the summer months – bringing the outside in and vice versa. Aluminium products, or PVC-U and composite products that look like aluminium, also remain popular for its modern, sleek aesthetics.

A Splash of Colour

Colour is also something that homeowners are choosing over the more traditional white windows, doors and conservatories. The more colour spreads, the braver we become to opt for something a little different. Grey windows are one of our biggest sellers at the moment. We also saw it with composite doors – housing estates gradually changing from white front doors to black. However now, we’re moving onto the next stage with homeowners considering a wider range of colour options for their doors, windows and more.

Don’t Compromise on Service

Of course, for suppliers like West Yorkshire Windows, it’s imperative that we deliver the products you’re looking for – products that are on trend and give your home the wow factor. However, we also recognise the importance of supplying these products with excellent service to match. Quality is the most important thing as far as we’re concerned, whether of the product supplied or the service that it comes with. We understand the importance of the decisions you take to improve your home. It’s a significant investment that you want to enjoy.

This is precisely what we aim to deliver, every time.


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solid roof Easy installation on new and existing conservatories

Leaning Towards a Lean To?

As we approach what are classed as our summer months in the UK, thousands of homeowners will be considering adding a conservatory to their home. Homeowners everywhere still crave extra space for dining, working from home, or simply enjoying the garden, whatever the weather. But which conservatory is right for you? Here we get up close and personal with the lean to style.

Little or large

Sometimes people think they need a lot of space to add a conservatory, but this isn’t the case. You can add an extra room and enjoy all the benefits that brings, including flooding your home with natural light, in even the smallest of areas. The lean to is a great option for small spaces, although can be used in almost any size plot. If used in a limited area however, it’s good to do your research for ideas on clever ways to decorate small spaces to ensure the room is finished to maximum effect.

Alternatively, the lean to can be used to create large additional space, by for example running across the entire width of a property.

Straight forward simplicity

Whatever the size, the lean to is perhaps the most straight forward of all the conservatory designs. It is a good choice for a minimalist scheme because of its simplicity and a bonus for those on a tight budget, is that it’s often among the most affordable options.

Lean to conservatories can be square but are most often rectangular and feature a sloping roof (usually sloping down away from the house, although there is a current trend for the reverse lean to where the roof is sloping up away from the building it’s attached to).


The lean to is an option that can be considered for single storey properties, unlike a lot of its counterparts, because it doesn’t have to be as high and is usually quite easy to add on.

When thinking about how the new space will work with your existing room, you can have your existing back or side door opening into the new conservatory, or you can have the doorway widened so that you can install a set of double doors opening out into your new additional room. With the superb advances that have been made in conservatory roofs in recent years to keep them warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer, many homeowners are also opting for no doors between the house and the conservatory, so that it truly becomes an extension of the existing space.

Moving out into the garden, the lean to offers the option of a door at either end, or one in the middle of the new structure, opposite the house wall. Bi-folding doors can be a great option for the longer side, to really open up the space.

In summary…

So, the humble lean to, is a sleek, modern, minimalist design that is often one of the most affordable options for both large and small spaces that can be used in single storey properties as well. They offer flexibility whatever the size of plot and whatever the requirement for the home extension.

If you would like more information on lean to conservatories, or any other style for that matter, talk to our team of friendly experts who can guide you through the entire process to make sure your new addition gives you everything you’re dreaming of, and more.

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