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Double Glazing Sheffield

Turn Off Your Heating And Rely On West Yorkshire Windows

Now that the weather has improved it gives you the ideal opportunity to rely on your heating system less than you will have been over the past few months. But this will be easier for some than others, most notably amongst those who have yet to invest in new windows as they are a vital component in ensuring that heat gets utilised effectively.

Anyone who has double glazing in Rotherham, double glazing in Sheffield or double glazing in Leeds installed by West Yorkshire Windows can expect to pay far less on their heating bills over the next few months.

Our energy efficient windows are specially designed to transfer the heat of the sun inside the home throughout the day so that living spaces never go cold. Because they don’t waste a single unit of energy, your abode will feel so much warmer than it did prior to their installation which affords you the chance to turn down, or even turn off your thermostat.

When darkness begins to fall and temperatures start to drop at night, the cold air won’t be able to force its way inside your home due to the level of thermal insulation provided. Whilst there may be the odd occasion during the spring and summer when you may need to utilise your boiler, it won’t be to the extent you have to when you only have single glazed windows present.

The more you all do to use less household energy, the less likely it is that traditional fossils will deplete in large quantities; fossil fuels being essential in the functioning of our planet. West Yorkshire Windows is firmly committed to energy-saving and this is reflected in the products we provide.

Visit one of our four showrooms in Doncaster, Leeds, Sheffield or Wakefield to view our full window range.

Keep Out The Chills With West Yorkshire Windows

While many people believe that double glazing can only provide their home with benefits during winter our recent weather may be indicating otherwise. It seems that our central heating will be used far more in spring that we could have possibly predicted and every time you use your heating without A rated windows you are losing money. While it may not be the intention, home owners across West Yorkshire may be trying to warm up the outside in vein due to their poorly insulated, single glazed windows. Over the year, the amount of money lost through heat escaping through thermally inefficient windows could run into the hundreds of pounds and as energy bills rise, so too does the amount you stand to lose.

When you choose to install double glazing you will ensure that heat escapes from your home at a far lower rate and while it is not winter anymore, who is to say when the cold snap will finally end. This is why it is very important to view the installation of double glazing windows as an investment in your home and future, rather than an expensive cost. Over the lifetime of the windows, almost all homeowners will see the costs paid back and at West Yorkshire Windows we offer a 20 year guarantee on our A rated windows. This can give you piece of mind that if you do decide to invest in new windows, they will work perfectly for the next 20 years.

There are other reasons aside from the energy saving that may mean you wish to install brand new double glazing. While it is not their main benefit, double glazing can provide you with some degree of soundproofing, especially when you use them in place of noisy single glazed windows. If you are interested in double glazing in Rotherham, double glazing in Sheffield or double glazing in Leeds then ensure that you act quickly.

Go West With Your Windows In Yorkshire

When looking for replacement double glazing windows in Yorkshire there is only one company you need to visit for the finest quality product and service. Here at West Yorkshire Windows we have been installing the best double glazed windows for many years and have been recognized with some of the highest awards in the double glazing industry. We want to use all of our knowledge and experience to help educate all homeowners in Yorkshire about the benefits of installing modern double glazing.

Energy Efficiency

One of the best reasons to ensure that your home sues modern double glazing is in order to be as energy efficient as possible. This has positive effects of the environment and you energy bills, in fact many installations of double glazing pay for themselves over the lifetime of the product.; as energy bills continue to rise, the speed at which these windows can save you money is only every likely to increase. The reason that double glazing is more effective at reducing heat loss is because of the high levels of thermal efficiency that can be achieved through modern manufacturing processes. Although homeowners will fell the most difference when replacing single glazed windows, those replacing very old double glazing will also notice some improvement; both in terms of energy usage and the look of the windows.

Superior Soundproofing

If you are not content with just saving money then you may be happy to hear that replacement double glazing can also save you from noise pollution. If you happen to live in a noisy environment or around airports and roads then new windows can help stop the sound waves from entering you home and disturbing your sleep. If you are interested in double glazing in Rotherham, double glazing in Sheffield or double glazing in Leeds then you may wish to hear this soundproofing for yourself.

Get Great Glazing From West Yorkshire Windows

Whenever you are considering the installation of modern double glazing it is always best to ensure that you know exactly what you will be getting for your investment. This short article is written using our vast experience in installing double glazing in Rotherham, double glazing in Sheffield and double glazing in Leeds for many years. Whatever the reason you ultimately choose to install double glazing you can be sure that by choosing West Yorkshire Windows you will get the best possible product at the very best price.

Energy Efficient Windows

The installation of modern double glazing in any home can dramatically improve the way in which your home makes use of energy for heating. This is because new double glazing is a much better insulator than old windows which means use will lose less heat to the outside; this in turn means your heating will not have to work as hard or for as long to heat your home. While it is not guaranteed, many double glazing installation will pay back the cost of purchase over their lifetime through the money saved on energy bills. As the cost of energy continues to increase the rate at which the windows pay back the investment will continue to decrease.

Excellent Security

While this may not be the primary reason for choosing to install double glazing in your home it can certainly help to give you peace of mind of you consider the increased security benefits that they provide. This comes from the modern manufacturing processes that windows go through which results in tougher frames and more secure fixtures. While windows can never be totally secure you can relax in the knowledge that the replacement double glazing you install is far more resistant to attack than those that they will be replacing. Of course it is our hope that you will never need to find out just how tough these new windows can be!

Get Award-Winning Installation At West Yorkshire Windows

The rising cost of living has seen the expenditure of homeowners in many parts of the country decrease. Those who continue to spend their money do so with caution and who could blame them, particularly if it involves splashing the cash on home improvements?

There are still unfortunately a few companies out there who are only after making a fast buck at the expense of the homeowner with little regard for the finished job; however West Yorkshire Windows is not one of them!

For the past two years, West Yorkshire Windows have been lucky enough to be presented with the title of ‘Installer of the Year’ and nominated in the category of ‘Conservatory Installer of the Year’ at the G Awards; the glass and glazing industry’s premier awards event. If there were any proof needed of our credentials when it comes to supplying and fitting home improvements then this is it!

We have years and years of experience of satisfying the high expectations of property owners in West Yorkshire, being renowned for producing the finest double glazing in Rotherham, double glazing in Sheffield and double glazing in Leeds.

Not only do our window designs provide guaranteed energy efficient and stunning good looks, but you can also expect our top team of installers to fit them to an exceptionally high standard. Zero evidence of heat loss or draughts will ever become prevalent such is the amount of expert installation and craftsmanship that goes into every single design.

From the moment first contact is made with West Yorkshire Windows, to the time when installation has been completed, and beyond, we will be there every step of the way so that you know you are getting value for money from a firm you can trust.

Start the ball rolling now by visiting one of our four showrooms.

E.ON Lining Up New Year Price Hikes

Energy company E.ON have been very quietly recently, the only firm out of the Big Six not to announce an increase in energy prices after promising not to change their pricing structure for the rest of 2012.

Well if rumours are to be believed their silence will soon come to an end as they are shortly expected to raise gas and electricity prices by 11 per cent for each of its five million customers in January. This works out at an increase of £130 per year for those on a dual-fuel bill.

Rather than get into a state of panic, E.ON customers or customers of any of the other major suppliers who have recently raised their prices are encouraged to make their home more energy efficient to offset any energy price rises. This means getting rid of any ageing windows responsible for excess heat loss and unwanted draughts.

In their place you need to install double glazing in Rotherham, double glazing in Sheffield or double glazing in Leeds and who better to fit them than West Yorkshire Windows, the nation’s reigning ‘Installer of the Year’.

Our full window range is specifically designed to save you a fortune on your annual fuel bill as it contains a thermal efficient UPVC frame and two thick panes of glass purposely built to retain heat in the home. No cold spots will be felt in your home ever again, nor will you be left paying over the odds for household energy.

In addition to their undoubted ability to drive down the cost of energy bills, our windows will rejuvenate the appearance of your property all on their own. Few home improvements can create the visual impact that West Yorkshire Windows have the ability to do.

Visit one of our showrooms to see the full collection.

Get Award-Winning Double Glazing At West Yorkshire Windows

When you buy anything from a home improvement company it is always good to know that they are a proven firm you can trust, with a quality product range and high reputation for delivering first-class installation. West Yorkshire Windows are one of those companies!

We currently hold the title of G11 Awards national UK Installer of the Year and have also recently been nominated for the title of Conservatory Installer of the Year for this year’s G12 Awards. If you need any further proof of our ability as a company then the only thing you need to do is pay a visit to one of our four stylish showrooms.

We have spacious and luxurious showrooms in Doncaster, Leeds, Sheffield and Wakefield where you can further explore our entire collection of double glazing in Rotherham, double glazing in Sheffield and double glazing in Leeds.

Every single window design you find on our website is on full display for you to enjoy and explore in greater detail where you can get a better understanding of the tremendous amount of detailing and craftsmanship that goes into the production of every window we manufacture.

When you buy an ‘A’ rated window from West Yorkshire Windows you can expect a window that offers the highest level of energy efficiency, cuts energy bills, secures your home and requires zero maintenance. You are also investing in value for money as all of our windows come with a lengthy guarantee and will remain an ever-present at your home.

Even our ‘C’ rated windows, the lowest energy efficient window we provide, can still help you save hundreds of pounds on energy bills over their lifetime.

Factor all this in with a top team of design consultants and you have every reason to choose us above any other firm in your area.

Bad News For Customers Of SSE

Scottish and Southern Energy, the UK’s second-largest energy supplier have become the first of the Big Six to announce a rise in the cost of gas and electricity, 9 per cent from 15th October. This works out at an eye-watering average rise of 119 pounds a year for those who are currently on a dual-fuel tariff with the company.

This has sparked panic from homeowners that other major energy suppliers will soon announce similar price rises and they have reason to worry if experts are to be believed as most of them have predicted widespread increases in bills this coming winter. Anyone who is worried about their energy bills rising to a level they may be unable to manage should not feel too panicked just yet as there is still time to do something about it.

Though we are reaching the conclusion of the summer, temperatures still remain well into double figures which means that usage of your heating should currently be low.  This makes it the ideal time to consider installing double glazing in Rotherham, double glazing in Sheffield or double glazing in Leeds as the replacement of old single glazed windows can have a hugely positive impact on bills.

Old windows with a single pane of glass are regularly responsible for around 25 per cent of heat lost from the home. New windows from West Yorkshire Windows will plug this gap and bring heat loss to a permanent end as the two panes of glass in the sealed UPVC frame will eliminate draughts and utilise the warmth created far more efficiently.

Energy bills will be far lower with double glazing installed than they would be if a homeowner were to persist with their inefficient single glazed equivalents. You only need to visit one of our showrooms to see how effective they are.

More For Your Money With West Yorkshire Windows

With double glazing in Leeds being one of the most expensive home improvements you’ll make maybe once every 8-10 years you’ll more than likely be looking for value for money. Be wary of installers who quote you an incredibly high price and then drop it without much persuasion. The chances are they don’t know that much about what they are selling and the final price is cheap for a reason.

As well as various other considerations including energy efficiency, which is now a legal requirement to produce your certificate, the big question is the cost.  You are recommended to choose a reputable company with plenty of experience, a huge range to choose from with costs that fit within your budget. At West Yorkshire Windows we assure you we have a style of window in the perfect materials to suit your home at the right price.

As a special offer we are also giving customers the chance to save a further 30% off all their purchases across our range. This includes double glazing in Pontefract, double glazing in Sheffield, conservatories, orangeries and doors.  Not only do you save a chunk off the final price of your fitted home improvements but you also gain the experience that we at West Yorkshire Windows have developed over the years with many successful installations, home transformations and very happy customers being the result.

The offer spans right across our product range and you can view our showrooms across Yorkshire to view our extensive range and receive quotes which will fit inside your budget. The range includes all different types of windows that possess the different features everyone desires and more from their new double glazing. Ask us about the most energy efficient glazing, the windows which require the least maintenance and our 10 year guarantee.

Change Your Viewpoint With Double Glazing In Pontefract

In days gone by, when a homeowner looked to improve their property they would do say with the intention of making it more aesthetically-pleasing. A fresh coat of paint here and then, installing a new kitchen or bedroom or updating furniture etc. would often be popular choices for those who wanted to increase its visual appeal.

However, the thought process of many homeowners has changed ever since the cost of household fuel began to rise to an unprecedented level. Rather than invest in home improvements designed to solely improve the look of their property, many now put home improvements that offer a high level of energy efficiency first.

They look towards installing insulation and items such as double glazing in Leeds, double glazing in Pontefract and double glazing in Sheffield as they know just how effective they are at lowering the cost of energy bills.

Double glazing offers fantastic energy efficiency as it ensures that heat created in the home stays firmly trapped inside and is not able to escape into the outdoors. It also prevents draughts from making their way into living spaces so that living rooms never become too cold during the winter months.

Excessive heater usage will no longer be required when you have contemporary windows installed as your home will feel so much warmer than it used to. This will also result in a significant drop in the financial cost of household fuel.

Over a 20-year period, UPVC windows will enable homeowners to save a massive amount on their annual fuel bills, so much so that they could easily pay for themselves over time.

But it is worth noting that the brand new finishes applied to any new windows you have installed also have the ability to brighten up your home. Ditching old windows with frames that look tired and past their sell-by date is a definite no-brainer when you see just how much of a difference a new set make.

They can even make your home more secure as the glass placed inside a UPVC window is internally glazed and therefore cannot be removed from the outside. This makes it much more difficult for an intruder to gain access to your property without your permission. The locking system fitted is also far more reliable when it comes to durability.

You can get the best of both worlds when you place your faith in modern home improvements.


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