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West Yorkshire Windows Website Experiences Bumper January

Wakefield home improvement specialists West Yorkshire Windows continue to be the favoured installer for thousands of Yorkshire homeowners after their website received a significant increase in online visitors during the month of January.

The site: www.westyorkshirewindows.co.uk which showcases the firm’s full range of UPVC windows, UPVC doors and orangeries profited from an 11% increase in online traffic and a 31% increase in online enquiries in January 2012 compared to January 2011.

It marks a fantastic start to the New Year for the Conservatory Outlet dealer and further demonstrates the credentials of the company who late last year were crowned national ‘Installer of the Year’ at the G11 Awards, the double glazing industry’s premier awards event.

Bosses at West Yorkshire believe that having an online presence is hugely important within the current market as it enables them to entice home improvement buyers into paying a visit to one of their three showrooms in Doncaster, Leeds and Wakefield. Their website is just one element of this.

They also fully embrace social media and use it as a way of interacting with customers and keeping people informed of on-going developments within the business. It also helps them increase brand awareness throughout the county.

Their Facebook and Twitter accounts have attracted a huge number of ‘like’s and ‘followers’ since being set-up proving that these are contemporary marketing channels that need to be utilised to full effect by companies within the trade.

As a result of their unrelenting success West Yorkshire Windows will be opening a 4th showroom in the Sheffield area within the next few months.

West Yorkshire Windows Voted Best Installer In The UK

Double glazing and UPVC door specialists West Yorkshire Windows are celebrating after winning the title of Installer of the Year at this years national G11 Awards.

The Wakefield firm managed to beat off competition from hundreds of entrants nationwide after judges of the event personally visited the company’s premises and watched them in action.

Following their visit they concluded that the level of customer service and installation offered by West Yorkshire Windows and the quality of their growing product range was exceptionally high and deserving of this most high-profile award.

Held last Friday at the Hilton Hotel on London’s Park Lane before a capacity crowd, the G-Awards are widely recognised as being the premier awards event for those UK businesses associated with the glass and glazing industry.

With over 18 years’ experience in the industry, West Yorkshire Windows provide the most trusted and professional home improvement installation service in Yorkshire and the East Midlands. As a family-run business they do their best to ensure each customer gets treated like a member of the West Yorkshire Windows family, promising a highly individual, friendly and personalised service.

They have completed thousands of small to large-scale conservatory, window and door installations throughout the region over the years and boast one of the most knowledgeable workforces in the business.

They also have three showrooms located in Doncaster, Leeds and Sheffield where customers can view conservatories and UPVC doors on full display.

To find out more or to obtain a FREE quote on any West Yorkshire Windows product please visit https://www.westyorkshirewindows.co.uk.

UPVC French Doors Will Bring Your Home Out Of The Dark Ages

At this time of year you may find that your home tends to get dark very quickly and not just as a result of the short daylight hours. Sometimes it is just because your existing windows and doors are not positioned in areas where this light can best be utilised, or it could be because they are simply not equipped to make the most of sunlight. If this is currently the case in your home then you need to invest in a new set of doors.

UPVC doors are useful, but very often they come with very little glazing and are predominantly made up of UPVC as opposed to glass. However, UPVC French doors differ slightly in that they can be placed towards the back of the interior of your home and offer a great amount of glass, as well as style and sophistication.

These doors are extremely popular on the continent as foreign homeowners like to be able to appreciate the outdoors of the home more readily than us Brits. This is the 21st Century and it is time that we all woke up to the usefulness and practicality of these new innovative set of doors.

There really is no better way to make your entrance into the back garden than via these beautiful doors. With them opening both inwards and outwards, they will also bring in that much needed breeze during the summer, while helping to keep out the cold air during winter. They are also energy efficient and will allow virtually no hot air created to pass through them, further helping to bring down the cost of your current energy bills.

They will work as effectively as double glazing when it comes to heating the home, so wake up to the benefits of these doors sooner rather than later.

Latest West Yorkshire Windows Showroom Opens Its Doors

West Yorkshire Windows, the home improvement specialist who have been trading in the West Yorkshire area for the past 17 years, have unveiled their newest showroom.

Opened in Doncaster, the company are hoping the new showroom will give potential customers in the region more opportunity to try before they buy conservatories, UPVC doors and double glazing.

The timing of the opening also gives them the opportunity to take advantage of the Christmas market as it is hoped that shopper’s will be lured to the showroom located at Brunel Trade Park when out buying presents for friends and family. The firm have even installed a Nintendo Wii in the showroom to keep the kids occupied while mum and dad shop around for their chosen home improvement products.

In addition to their new Doncaster showroom and their existing showrooms in Leeds and Wakefield, West Yorkshire Windows have revealed that they will shortly be expanding further with the opening of a fourth showroom in Sheffield.

All showrooms are spacious in size, allowing the company to install and showcase their full range of conservatory, window and door designs in the most natural of environments.

Each showroom is open seven days a week and design consultants are on hand to assist customers with appropriate advice and guidance on the full product range offered, giving a very personalised service. They pride themselves on their ‘non pushy’ sales approach, allowing customers to walk around a showroom at their own leisure, with no obligation to buy.

For those who cannot make it down to their local showroom, they also offer a free home design service where customers can arrange for a design consultant to visit their homes. This allows customers to share their ideas with a highly experienced member of the West Yorkshire Windows team from the comfort of their own home.

For further information visit https://www.westyorkshirewindows.co.uk/ or you can call for free on 0800 464 0444.

West Yorkshire Windows Can Make Your Home Energy Efficient For Christmas

There is nothing better than sitting inside on Christmas Day opening all your presents, followed by a shedload of food and drink, before settling down in front of the TV with the family. A cosy home is a comfortable home, especially on occasions like this. However, not everyone will have this luxury as many properties will be without new windows and therefore subject to draughts. West Yorkshire Windows can change all that and in plenty of time for Christmas.

We suggest that you have double glazing installed in as many rooms in the home as possible, or at least in the living room as this is where you will most probably spend the most of your time at this time of year. We produce and supply casement windows, tilt and turn windows and whitegrain UPVC windows and doors. No matter how good your current old timber windows are for providing your home with great looks, our modern alternatives will be more than a match for them.

UPVC windows offer so much more than traditional windows. As well bringing an end to draughts, they will also reduce your carbon footprint and be less damaging to the environment due to their energy efficient composition. We are so confident in the performance of our windows that we supply a 10 year guarantee should anything ever go wrong. They also come fixed with one of the strongest locking mechanisms on the market, lessening the risk of windows being forced or glass being removed by any intruders.

By purchasing from West Yorkshire Windows now you will also be avoiding the impending VAT increase which is due to take effect from Jan 2011.

Get prepared for Christmas early this year. Take action and you and your family can have a Christmas and New Year to savour.

Enjoy Your Winter In Comfort With UPVC Windows

Unfortunately the summer is now a distant memory and the cold snap has already begun to take hold. No one likes it when the temperature slowly starts to drop and we have to put away the tshirts and shorts, and replace them with out hats and scarfs. But it is something we have to live with and it something that you have to be prepared for in the home. This means ensuring that your household is going to be warm enough until Spring arrives.

There are a number of ways you can do this, but if you have a shortage of available funds, particularly with Christmas rearing its head, you can do something about it by installing uPVC windows. The great thing about double glazing is that it is much more effective than windows with a single pane of glass which tend to provide insufficient protection from the outdoor temperature.

Two panes of glass will trap any heat created within the home and ensure that it ventilates around the room in which they are placed for a significant amount of time. This not only means a consistently warm household, but it also means that you can rely on your heating less. New uPVC windows and doors will also bring a refreshed look to your home due to their colourful finish and outstanding beauty.

If you do not have the budget to have them installed in every room in your home, which is understandable of course, do not let this put you off. Just have it installed in those rooms where you spend the most amount of time when in your home and it will be equally as effective.

By making these changes you may find that you enjoy this winter more than any other, a legitimate excuse to celebrate the coming months.

Slam The Door Shut With West Yorkshire Windows UPVC Doors

With the weather set to get colder over the coming months and security within the home becoming an increasingly important issue, it has never been as important to have a good strong door installed at the front and back of the home. Many doors although no long offering the protection they once did can often be difficult to replace as you have to find an adequate substitute. At West Yorkshire Windows we have a range of different types of doors that would be a more than competent replacement.

All uPVC doors at West Yorkshire Windows are designed with beauty, protection and security in mind. They are some of the most durable and good looking doors around so that not only will your home be kept secure all day round, but they will transform its appearance in the best possible way. We offer residential doors in glorious white oak or rosewood meaning that you can choose whichever finish best complements your home. You can also decide on the type of glazing panelling used as each offered gives a home a completely different effect.

No longer will you have to go through the hassle of repainting your doors and uPVC windows on a regular basis as uPVC is a material that will continue to supply your home with colour for years down the line. It has also has the capability to prevent any cold air from outside from passing into your home meaning that your home and reception area can be kept warm during the winter time.

If you want to keep your living room, bedrooms and kitchen warm, we can also help install double glazing on your behalf. Take advantage of our massive summer sale for all your discounted home improvement products as time is beginning to run and winter kicks in.

Commit To Energy Saving With West Yorkshire Windows

Energy saving is a current hot topic as the issues of global warming and climate change become more and more prominent. Too many of us are wasting energy in the home and giving no thought to the fact that natural supplies are starting to run out, hence why energy bills are consistently becoming more expensive. West Yorkshire Windows has been committed to greener products for a considerable amount of time and it is time that you did the same and we can help you on your way.

One of the most important things you need to do if you have traditional wooden windows is to replace them with uPVC equivalents. This is because double glazing is a better conductor of heat and because there are two panes of glass involved, it means that heat is less likely to be wasted via the windows into the outdoors. You need to be aware that climate change affects everyone around us, so West Yorkshire Windows can offer you energy rated windows at a discounted price in many different styles.

Most newly built homes are being constructed with energy saving windows already installed, so if you do not change yours do not be surprised if you have difficulty in selling it in the future. When you also consider that your energy bills may be halved, it would be madness not to consider the idea. It could also help protect future generations and we are fully committed to that fact. All our products are now created with the fact that we need to take care of the environment and give all our customers beneficial savings.

If you are interested in any of the products viewed on our website such as conservatories or uPVC doors, you can apply online for a free quotation. We will get back to you with a cost price in quick time.

New UPVC Windows Could Save You A Packet

Living costs in the home are constantly on the rise. Things such as council tax, TV licence, rent and especially energy bills always seem to be increasing in price, therefore causing a burden to your wallet and preventing you from spending money on those other things that give you pleasure in life. Now although new windows are not the answer to everything, they could be the key to helping save you substantially on your energy bills.

Double glazing and uPVC windows can reduce the amount of air that is allowed to leave your home as the glass they are composed of is extremely thick and tight fitted. When air is allowed to pass through windows and it is a cold day, it tends to lead to us turning up our heating even further, therefore becoming the cause of those ever steeping bills. The difference with uPVC windows and doors is that heat will be trapped for a long period of time, meaning that heating does not have to be on constantly. When you consider how much that will save you in the long run, you will realise that you could be saving hundreds of pounds every year, money you can then use to treat yourself.

New windows also have other purposes. They are better designed and crafted than old timber windows and therefore once installed in a home they will be incredibly hard to break or force. When you consider the amount of valuables you have in the home such as the television, stereo or jewellery, a new set of windows could help keep them all safe and ensure that you never have to replace them. The one off cost of replacement windows may be pricey by your standards, but they are an investment for life and your home would be better with them than without them.


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