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3 Steps You Can Take To Reduce Condensation At Home

3 Things You Can Do To Reduce The Threat Of Condensation

There’s nothing pretty about condensation. To be honest, it makes your windows look rather ugly and you just want rid of it when it appears. 

If you start getting condensation issues on your windows at this time of the year, it won’t necessarily cause serious issues, unless you fail to do anything about it. 

When it happens again and again and you just leave it alone, eventually mould and mildew will begin to form, which can harm your health, leading to things like allergies and skin irritations. 

The good news is that it isn’t difficult to make condensation less of a problem. Following these three steps will help:

Enhanced ventilation

A buildup of humidity in your house could be one of the chief causes of the condensation you’re experiencing. 

That humidity needs to escape somehow and you can let it out by e.g. opening your windows in your kitchen when cooking food, and doing the same in the bathroom whenever you take a hot bath or shower. 

If you have an extractor fan in either of these rooms, turn it on, as that will also help.

An open window

Dry clothes outside

You won’t just save on energy when you neglect to use your tumble dryer or radiators and hang out your wet clothes to dry on the washing line. 

It will stop warm moisture filling the air, so take your washing out whenever the weather is set fair this autumn and winter. 

Your reward for it will be minimised condensation and a much cheaper fuel bill.

Clothes on a washing line

Consistent temperature control

You get those small water droplets on the glass when warm air hits it. 

To reduce the probability of this happening, maintain a consistent temperature with your heating, keeping it at a low level, where possible, instead of cranking the temperature up and down. 

It may also be worth exploring the idea of getting loft or cavity wall insulation fitted.

A thermostat

When all of these tips fail to make much of a difference, it’s a sign that you need new windows and to make the shift from single glazed windows to either double or triple glazed windows. 

West Yorkshire Windows can get that organised for you. Just request a FREE quote first and then we’ll attend to it.

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