Conservatory Transformations

Gone are the days of simply swapping your old conservatory roof – that’s just part of the challenge in transforming your draughty old conservatory to a practical, useable space. Why stop there when you can change the whole look and feel of your room and make it much more thermally efficient in the process?
Why choose a conservatory transformation?

Is your old conservatory a waste of space?  Why let all that potential extra family room go to waste?

Converting your unused conservatory into a bona fide home extension is the quickest, easiest and best way to add additional floor space and additional value to your home.  Without the need for messy base and groundworks, our unique approach to conservatory transformations means we can use the foundations of your conservatory and re-design your whole room around your requirements.

Enjoy an instant return on your investment and enrich your family life at the same time.  West Yorkshire Windows can help you transform your unused conservatory into your dream space.

Conservatory Transformation & Upgrade
A complete re-design of your room...

Our ethos is that a conservatory transformation should be just that – creating a unique space that gives you everything you need.  Remove any barriers, forgetting the constraints of your current conservatory layout, and treat this experience as a blank canvas.

Using your existing base, we can add walls, windows and doors exactly where you want them and combine with a roof that compliments your design.  Think about where you want a little extra privacy, warmth or light.  Will your new room be a living or TV area, an open plan kitchen extension or even a playroom?  How can we make best use of your space?

Conservatory Transformation & Upgrade
The home extension you always dreamed of...

There really is no need to move house in order to gain more living space.  Not when you have the foundations of a new extension all set and ready to go.  Your upfront investment will see an instant return once your drafty, unused conservatory becomes a modern, energy efficient extension with full Building Regulations approval.

Additional Space | 1m²

Build Time | 4.5 Days

Value Added | £35k

From dated timber to modern aluminium or UPVC...

Give your old timber conservatory a much-needed make-over by replacing it with a modern UPVC or aluminium structure.  Rotten, tired timber frames that take a good deal of maintaining are also notoriously bad at retaining heat, so it could be costing you more than necessary to heat your home.

The latest UPVC and aluminium products on the market are designed to withstand the harshest of extreme weathers with very little maintenance.  This means they’ll look and perform at their best for many years to come and keep the valuable heat from inside your home locked inside.

A new living space that lifts the feel of your entire home...

Its funny how one room can influence the opinion you have of your entire home.  By transforming a space you’re embarrassed of, into something you can’t wait to show off, it will make you see your home in a whole new light.

It’s a really exciting time getting ready to create your dream extension, especially when the hard part is already done for you.  Less mess and less fuss, West Yorkshire Windows can set to work creating your dream room in just a few days, leaving you free to imagine how you will decorate and use the space.


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Benefits of converting your conservatory

There is so much to gain from converting your conservatory – create a proper home extension that gives you all the space, light and freedom you crave with very little mess.  Your initial investment will be quickly realised in instant added value to your property.  Not only that, but it will also make your home more energy efficient too.  High performance frames, glass and roofs designed specifically for conservatory transformations, all ready for you to choose from the friendly team at West Yorkshire Windows.

Design Flexibility

A total blank canvas for you to create your ideal space.  Using our unique system, we can quickly add super-energy efficient walls where you want them, and even change the shape of your existing conservatory.  Think practical use of space.

More Energy Efficient

Every product we’ll use in your conservatory transformation has been carefully designed to insulate your home and keep your energy costs to a minimum.  From energy efficient frames and solar control glazing to thermal warm roofs, at West Yorkshire Windows we’ve got you covered.

Quality Finish

We work in close partnership with our manufacturer to ensure the excellence of our products.  We also invest heavily in the training and development of our skilled team to ensure your installation is of the highest standard and backed by our exceptional guarantee.

Added Value

Let’s face it, these days moving house is an expensive business.  Why shell out on stamp duty and removal fees when you can gain all the extra downstairs space you need from your existing home?  Having Building Regulations approval for your extension as an addition to your home means an instant return on investment.


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How do you envisage using your new room?

The possibilities really are endless but usually you’ll have an idea in mind of how you’d ideally like to make use of your old, unused conservatory.  Just in case you’re looking for a little inspiration, here are some ideas from customers we’ve helped transform their space in the past.

Kitchen Extension

Open Plan Kitchen

The heart of any home, most families gravitate towards the kitchen to socialise, especially around mealtimes.  This can be difficult though if you’re short on practical space.  If you’ve been imagining an open plan kitchen area where you can cook and entertain, then let us make it a reality for you.

Conservatory Transformation Home Office

Home Office

Lock-down has changed the way we live and work with many of us now working from home for a significant part of the week.  Having a dedicated workspace away from the chaos of home is so important.  We can design you a multi-functional space that doubles as a chill out room for evening times.

Conservatory Transformation Playroom


Kids taking over the whole house with their toys, online games and noise?  Then why not give them their own “kids” room so they can spread out to their heart’s content?  Close the door to the chaos and keep them happy with an adult free zone where they can play and have their friends over.

Conservatory Transformation Living Area

Living Area

Create a perfect haven to escape from the day’s stresses and strains.  A comforting, relaxing room facing the peace of the garden that you can really make your own.  Mount a TV on the wall, add soft furnishings and stylish accessories and bring to life a room that’s truly yours.

Conservatory Transformation Utility Room

Utility Room

Why only create one room from your existing conservatory?  Some of our customers have separated their new extension into multiple spaces, which have included a utility room to hide away those bulky home appliances and keep the noise of the washing machine or dishwasher away from the rest of the house.

Conservatory Transformation Downstairs Bedroom

Downstairs Bedroom

Something a little different!  You wouldn’t naturally picture your drafty old conservatory as a new additional bedroom, but why not?  With a proper tiled roof and insulated walls and windows, it suddenly becomes the perfect space for a sleep haven, ideal for growing families or those with occasional guests.

Transform your window frames

Many people forget that drafty old frames and outdated glazing are a huge part of the reason why their conservatory is cold and draughty in winter and boiling hot in summer.  Yes, changing the roof alone can make a difference, but you’re still losing heat through the rest of the structure.  Window design has advanced hugely in the past few years, so make sure you include new windows and doors in your conservatory transformation design to ensure it is secure, stylish and energy efficient.  West Yorkshire Windows have a huge collection of choices to offer, so your design is just right for you.

Extreme style, security and performance...

Your go-to windows & doors if security and warmth are top of your list.  The Extreme UPVC collection can’t be beaten when it comes to energy efficiency.  With an A+ energy rating, they’ll prevent internal heat from escaping and help heat your home with natural warmth from the sun for the perfect balance.  They’re also super-secure too to keep intruders at bay, all whilst looking absolutely fantastic.

Our unique Extreme multi-point locking system has three times more locking points than a standard window for 360 degree compression, locking out draughts.  Add a further two high-compression hinge bolts and you’ve got unbeatable heat retention.

White Extreme UPVC Windows
Timber look with 21st century performance...

You no longer need to compromise on performance in order to achieve classic timber style.  Our Envisage UPVC flush casement window collection incorporates all the understated elegance of the flush timber window, but with the performance you’d expect from modern UPVC.

With neat flush sashes that sit level with the frame and don’t protrude, you get a neat classic finish that really does look great on any property, from cottage to contemporary.  And with excellent energy rating and super-secure hardware, you’ll save on energy costs and keep your home safe too.

Envisage Flush Windows
Affordable luxury with Eclipse aluminium...

If you want a conservatory transformation that will really make a statement, then consider the stunning Eclipse aluminium collection of windows and doors.  Available in six uber-stylish house colours, the super-slim frames allow you to have maximum glazing in your extension.

The latest in product design, our thermal aluminium frames are designed to lock in internal heat keeping your extension warm and comfortable all year round.  We also have a beautiful range of feature doors to complete your contemporary look including bi-folding doors, sliding patios and French doors.

Eclipse Aluminium Windows
Powder-coated for durable colour finish...

Our Eclipse colour is applied using an 11-stage powder-coating process to ensure its durability.  This means your colour won’t fade or crack over time but will remain true for the lifetime of your product.

If house colours aren’t your thing, it is possible to go bespoke and choose any RAL colour for your windows.  We’ve even created yellow and green windows for a football-mad customer before!

The perfect handles and hardware...

Its amazing the difference a carefully chosen handle can make to your overall design.  Its not just about choosing the right colour, but also the shape of your handles from sleek, modern and minimalist to the eccentric charm of a monkey tail design.  Every element of your conservatory transformation works together to achieve the overall look.

All about feature doors

Most old conservatories, by definition, open onto the garden outside so when converting your old structure, think about whether you’d like a large feature opening or a simple entrance door.  Often this will be determined by how you plan to use the room.  We’d love to help you make a real feature of the stunning outdoors with an equally stunning entrance that helps you bring the beauty of the outside into your home.

French Doors

Our most popular and cost-effective choice, French doors are both practical and stylish and perfect for everyday comings and goings.  Available in both the Extreme UPVC and Eclipse aluminium collections, you’ll have plenty of colour and finish options to choose from.  A great tip is to add full-length glazed panels to either side which make them look like bi-folding doors at a glance and let in plenty of natural light.

Doors can be opened singly or both at the same time on warmer days to let in fresh air and open out your space.

Grey Conservatory with French Doors
Patio Doors

Sliding patios have become increasingly popular in recent years with many choosing them over the alternative bi-folds due to them taking up less valuable space inside your room.  Rather than the leaves folding on each other in a concertina effect, the leaves of the sliding patio glide neatly behind each other, giving you more internal space for furniture.

Generally speaking, patio frames are also more slimline than bi-folding doors which means you get more glazing and uninterrupted views when closed which is another valuable benefit.

Patio Doors
Bi-Fold Doors

Opening out a full wall to the garden outside is the real draw of bi-folding doors.  Creating a synergy between the outside and indoors, they’re a real star in the summer months for entertaining and letting the fresh air flow through your home.  They’re really on-trend too, particularly in shades of black and grey and can make a real statement in your newly renovated conservatory.

Exclusively available as part of our Eclipse aluminium collection, you’ll be proud to show off your new extension with a stunning set of bi-folds.  Available in a wide range of configurations from 2 pane up to 6-pane depending on the size and shape of your room.

Modern Grey Orangery with Bi-Fold Doors
Single Doors

From UPVC to composite or even a solid core entrance door, we challenge you to find a wider collection of colours, styles and glazing options that will help you choose the perfect door for your new extension.  Practicality is key, and depending on how you plan to use your room, a simple entrance door or even stable door may be all you need.  With options to suit every budget, its worth having a good look through our door designer tool with one of our West Yorkshire Windows specialists.

Replacement Tiled Roof Conservatory
Hardware for conservatory doors...

Security is paramount when it comes to choosing your hardware.  But don’t worry, we’ve considered this in every aspect of our product design with many of our options tested to meet the requirements of the Police-recognised Secure by Design standard.

Some of our key security features include:

  • Auto-engage locks to keep your door secure at the top, middle and bottom without having to lift the handle.
  • Locking cylinders with our unique ‘lockdown mode’ technology so that your door barrel cannot be compromised from outside.
  • Super-secure hinges that are protected from outside damage with anti-crowbar technology.

Choose a roof for your conservatory transformation

Swapping your old polycarbonate or low-performance glass roof for one of our lightweight, energy efficient tiled roof options will be like adding a thermal blanket over your extension.  Specifically designed for conservatory transformation projects, our roofs are light enough to be placed on an existing structure or base, but will out-perform any other roof on the market when it comes to insulation.  We even have a range of tile colours and finishes so you can bespoke your look.  Add roof windows or glazed panels for extra light, or you could even choose one of our hybrid solid roofs, which allows you to combine solid and glazed panels exactly where you want them.  For something really dramatic, choose a flat roof with a stunning lantern or skylight to really make it a focal point.

Glass Roof for Conservatory Transformation

Don’t rule out a glass roof for your conservatory conversion project.  Glass roofs have gained a questionable rep over the years, but performance glazing is much cleverer than it used to be.  With intelligent coatings on our solar control glazing in a variety of tints, you can choose just the right amount of thermal efficiency, solar gain and easy-clean properties for your requirements.

There’s also a number of easy ways to add further insulation to your glass roof, including an insulated pelmet and cornice, which not only makes your extension look more stylish, but also works like a scarf around its neck preventing heat from escaping.  You can even add spotlights internally.

Modern Glass Roof Conservatory
Tiled Roof for Conservatory Transformation

The ultimate roof choice to keep warmth and comfort top of your list of priorities.  Our lightweight tiled roof system is specially designed for projects like yours, light enough to sit on your existing base and structure, but whilst also offering a tremendous level of insulation.  Inside, your room will feel like a proper extension with vaulted ceiling for height, and glass panels incorporated for additional light just where you need it.

The combination of materials used in our unique roof system keeps it properly ventilated to keep damp and mould at bay.  And with one of the best selections of slate and shingle tile options available, or even traditional tile if you prefer, you’re sure to find something to compliment your home.

Tiled Roof Extension
Solid Roofs for Conservatory Transformation

Our hybrid tiled roof is superb if a combination of solid and glass roof is your ideal.  Integrate solid and glazed panels where you want them, even the most challenging of shapes, for an adaptable roof that works around you.  On the inside, you’ll still have that true extension feel with plastered ceiling and warm internal pelmet.  On the outside our contemporary grey aluminium-look panels will contrast against your home for a modern, on-trend feel.

It’s a great cost effective alternative too, and allows you to create a half-way house between glass and solid roof.

Solif Roof with Glass Inserts
Lantern Roofs for Conservatory Transformation

A lantern roof will really make a statement in your newly renovated conservatory.  Forming a dramatic frame around the sky, you’ll flood your space with natural light and give a real sense of height to the room.  With performance glazing as standard you won’t need to compromise on warmth, and your flat roof base makes it a great option for open-plan spaces.

Choose from classic or slimline ridges in a variety of colours – and please ask if you need help.  Our expert team at West Yorkshire Windows will be able to suggest the pros, cons and suitability of each option.

Lantern Roof Orangery

Contemporary Flat Roofs & Skylights

If your home has flat ceilings throughout, then you may want to choose a flat ceiling for your conservatory conversion so that your space flows seamlessly throughout.  That doesn’t mean it has to be boring though!  Add fabulous skylight features that are really on-trend, combined with internal spotlights to really brighten your space.

What a transformation from your draughty old conservatory to stunning new extension that works in harmony with your home.

Flat Roof Extensions

The next step – we’d love to help get you started

There’s a few things we’d love to discuss with you before we can help prepare a quotation for your conservatory transformation project.  Ideally this means a face-to-face meeting so we can gather some key details from you about your existing structure and your future plans.  We’re totally flexible around you so let us know how best you’d like to meet.

West Yorkshire Windows

Showroom Visit

We have two fabulous showrooms in Wakefield and Doncaster which will give you plenty of inspiration.  With a variety of transformations, living spaces and room sets on display you’ll be spoilt for choice for ideas of how you could bring your space to life.  And our team are on hand to advise and support you as much as you need.

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Home Visit

Your home is a great place to start in gathering all the necessary information for a full quotation.  We can measure up, investigate your existing structure and talk to you about your future plans so we have everything we need to create you a bespoke design and quotation.  We’ll never take more than one hour on the initial visit, unless you want us to of course.

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Online Home Video Appointments

Online Video Chat

Life can get in the way sometimes, and your time is precious.  We can happily conduct your initial meeting via video call so we can gather some info and help you structure your ideas so we can prepare a quotation.  As long as you have a laptop or tablet, we’ll schedule a time and date to suit you and ask you some questions in advance so you can have any necessary info to hand.

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