You will feel a rush of excitement each time you get the chance to use the bi-folds and West Yorkshire Windows will colour match them to complement the finish of the extension.

Bi-folding doors are one of the hottest home accessories. They exude elegance and you will be enraptured by the fashion in which they operate. Even years down the line, you will get a kick out of watching and feeling them move from one end to the other.

Anthracite Grey Bi-Folding Doors

By discretely folding to the sides, our bi-folding doors are able to open fully, allowing you unrestricted access to your patio area or garden. When closed, they create a glass wall effect that allows a greater amount of light into your home, allowing you to gain more enjoyment from your garden whatever the weather. West Yorkshire Windows state-of-the-art hardware will ensure maximum security is provided, while remaining light and easy to operate.

Bi-Folding Doors
Bi-Folding Doors
Bi-Fold Doors

The popular doors are built from high-grade aluminium which is scratch and fade-resistant, and amazingly simple to clean. In addition, the easy glide system ensures an effortless opening.

Explore the hotspots opposite to find out more about what makes bi-fold doors so special.

Bi-Folding Doors

Bi-Fold Frame

Our Bi-Fold frames boast maximum warmth and security and slide effortlessly to the side to make the most of your space. You can even incorporate a discreet passenger door for everyday entry.

Bi-Fold hardware

Our Bi-Fold Door Handles come in a range of colours to suit your home, they’re built to last with robust materials and quality finishes.

Bi-Fold Easy Glide System

The sliding operation of a bi-folding door relies on a high-quality stainless-steel track on which quad rollers, which are fitted to the door leafs, glide along in elegant fashion. The same quad rollers are fitted with a small brush on one end to keep the tracks free of dust and dirt.

Bi-Fold Low Threshold

Low level thresholds increase the ease of access for everyone involved. An optional outer and inner ramp can be added on to the threshold to further enhance the accessibility for wheelchair users.

Bi-Fold doors will add an extra layer of security to your home...

When the multi-point locking mechanism affixed to a bi-folding door is properly engaged, there is no getting past it. The lock engages at several points and in various directions into a robust lock keep, which keeps the door sash fixed rigidly to the door frame.

Our bi-folding doors are available in double or triple glazed form. Filled with energy efficient glazing, they are the perfect choice for any home. Thieves will also be thwarted by the cylinder locks that sit inside the high-security master handles helping to keep your home secure.

Eclipse Aluminum Door Security


Before we start on the design and manufacture of your stunning aluminium bi-folding doors, you will need to consider the finishing touches, such as your preferred coloured finish and hardware.

We can’t be accused of selling you short in terms of our colour options...

It’s not just the number of possible configurations you have that will leave you spoilt for choice. West Yorkshire Windows is also pleased to be able to offer you a host of fetching finishes. Most of the finishes are powder-coated onto the trim aluminium framework, but we do also have a series of sublimated woodgrains in Walnut, Rosewood and Oak, if you’d like to imitate the appearance of timber. There is also the potential for a dual-coloured bi-folding door.

The handles make manoeuvring a bi-folding door so simple...

Anyone thinking of buying a bi-folding door from West Yorkshire Windows will be presented with three possible types of handle. With any pass doors and integrated French doors, you will need a master handle which will accommodate a cylinder lock and help to engage the multi-point locking system when the bi-folding door is closed shut.

Each individual section of a bi-folding door needs a D-handle and intermediate handle. The D-handle releases the folding panes from the door frame when it’s being opened and re-engages them upon closing. A D-handle is used to push or pull the folding panes as appropriate. We offer several modern and traditional master handles in our hardware suite, colour-matched to the intermediate and D-handles.

Can you handle such delicately designed handles?

You may want to choose your handle/s based on the configuration of your bi-folding doors. A master handle is a must when there is a passenger door and integrated French doors. We insert a cylinder lock into the master handle and it will engage with all other components of the locking system when the bi-folds are locked.

There is a D-handle and intermediate handle on each individual section of the bi-folding door. The purpose of the intermediate handle is to release the folding panes from the door when it’s being opened and to re-engage them when it’s being closed. The D-handle can be used to push or pull the folding panes. We have a superb choice of master handles, D-handles and intermediate handles available at West Yorkshire Windows.


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Bi-folding doors are a fantastic addition to any conservatory. When you extend your home with West Yorkshire Windows our consultants will take you through an extensive list of potential accessories for your conservatory and this will include mention of bi-folding doors. Depending on your conservatory style and its size, you could have anything from a 2-pane solution to a vast 7-pane design. You will feel a rush of excitement each time you get the chance to use the bi-folds and West Yorkshire Windows will colour match them to complement the finish of the extension.

Grey Conservatory with Bi-Fold Doors

Alongside conservatories and orangeries, bi-folding doors can also be integrated into other forms of extension and between two internal spaces, such as a kitchen and living area. No matter where you choose to use your new bi-folding doors, you can relax with complete peace of mind thanks to our extensive guarantee.

Modern Glass Roof Conservatory


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You’ll be amazed by the difference bi-folding doors can make to your home. If you’re not familiar with bi-folding doors then it’s only natural to have questions, we’ve answered some of the most common questions about our door range below. If you have any other questions our team will be happy to help you.

What are bi-folding doors?

Simply put, bi-folding doors are a revelation in design.

If you’ve yet to come face-to-face with a bi-folding door, let us tell you that it’s a door consisting of a legion of individual panels, collectively hinged together to create a concertina-like grouping. Upon a push, the panels fold in on themselves, giving you the unique luxury of pushing the door completely out of the way so that you can seamlessly transition in and out of the house. The panels are pleasingly large, so they maximise light transference and provide an outstanding, unobtrusive view.

Offering the utmost versatility, bi-folding doors are typically used to interconnect homes with their patio, decking, garden, and other outdoor spaces, blurring the boundaries between the locations in the process thanks to their colossal opening.

What should my bi-folding doors be made from?

Consider aluminium for your bi-folding doors.

Aluminium all the way as far as we’re concerned when it comes to selecting a material for the manufacturing of bi-folding doors and there are plenty of reasons behind that opinion.

The malleability of aluminium is why a bi-folding door has the narrowest sightlines to maximise external views, and it is so tough, more than strong enough to cope with the weight of the large glass panes.

Some materials have a tendency to contract and expand in certain temperatures, but not aluminium. So aluminium bi-fold frames will neither bend nor twist.

You don’t need to treat aluminium either, as it’s weather-resistant and needs very little maintenance.

Vitally, it’s supremely flexible for fuss-free openings.

How energy-efficient are bi-folding doors?

Bi-folding doors have great energy efficiency standards.

Our bi-folding doors are manufactured to ensure they exceed required thermal efficiency levels and include a thermal break, the role of which is to reduce the transferring of temperatures between external and internal surfaces. This greatly escalates energy efficiency.

Energy efficient glass fills the framed sections, and you can have them specified in double or triple glazing.

Further thermal efficiency technologies have been exploited in the development of the product to establish our bi-folding doors as one of the market’s most fuel-efficient bi-folding ranges. Their low U-values corroborate just how effective they are as an insulator.

What security features do bi-folding doors have to keep my home safe?

Bi-folding doors won’t leave your home open to burglary, absolutely not!

While a bi-folding door will establish a new access point into your house, this won’t initiate a security risk, not when our bi-folding door solution includes secure frames, secure locks, and secure glazing.

The engagement of the multi-point lock prevents any movement of the bi-fold, which sees it engage at several points and in different directions into a hard-wearing lock keep, keeping the door sash firmly fixed to the door frame.

Toughened glass in either double glazed or triple glazed form is added to the panels, internally beaded, and just about impossible to break or displace, being around five times stronger than standard glass. Reliable cylinder locks are also contained within the high-security master handles.

How can I customise my new doors?

Design a bi-folding door that’s unlike any other.

If you desire a unique bi-folding door installation, West Yorkshire Windows is fine with the idea of allowing you to customise it and has a host of personalisation options to choose from.

How the door is configured and the number of panels it features will all depend on the available space you have. A 7-leaf bi-folding door is the largest of our bi-folding designs and a wide expanse, or we have a simple 2-leaf solution, giving you great scope to find a size and style that fits your needs.

Some bi-folds open inwards, and some open outwards. Outward openings tend to be favoured for practicality reasons, but again, it’s a decision for you to make alone. You can also nominate an opening direction and, of course, select a colour, hardware, and any other accessories you feel will benefit you and the design.

Our sublimated woodgrains are a clever way of replicating the unmistakable look of timber. Conversely, you can have any of the hundreds of RAL colours powder-coated onto the frames.

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