We offer a comprehensive guarantee with all our extensions, with a 20-year guarantee on the windows and doors within them. We use only the best materials and components, which have been selected for their inherent durability and are proven to withstand the test of time.


Value for money is assured, no matter what type of extension you buy from West Yorkshire Windows, as we supply them all with a 10-year guarantee. This guarantee keeps you covered for everything. There is no doubt in our mind that our extensions can last for at least this length of time as we construct each of them with some of the finest materials and components around. We have supreme confidence in our products, put it that way.

Added to the 10-year guarantee for the extension, you will also receive a 20-year guarantee as cover for all the windows and doors within the structure.

Windows Guarantee


Providing you with a 10 year guarantee on extensions and a 20 year guarantee on windows and doors within the structure is an important part of West Yorshire Windows’ Environmental Policy.

Our design skills and manufacturing techniques ensure that our windows and doors can last for this long, if not longer. To us, it would be unfair to our customers if they had to replace the windows and doors within 5, 10 or even 15 years. This will prevent our consumers from over consumption and benefit the planet.

Windows Guarantee


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