How To Create A Cottage-Like Home For The Winter

How to give your home a cottage look and feel

It’s human nature to crave warmth in the winter as temperatures begin to dip and you’re forced to pile on layer upon layer when outside. 

Where’s the most obvious place you can get that warmth? Other than in a cosy country pub, in your home, of course. 

Establishing a cottage-feel at home will assure you of that and make those winter days and nights indoors a total joy. 

There isn’t a house style that you can’t achieve it in, as any Victorian terrace, bungalow or other property type can be given the feeling of a quaint cottage.

The feel: dial up the warmth inside

Most of us associate cottages with being wonderfully warm spaces, so you need to enhance the comfort level in your house if it’s below what it should be. 

On those cold days, get the fire on and make sure there are thick throws and blankets around that you can use to heat you. It will be difficult to have a warm house though without energy efficient windows and doors. 

Having them installed will prevent you needing to turn to your heating system too often for a warm blast of air. 

You will also benefit from cheaper energy bills, crucial at a time when energy costs in the UK are at unprecedented levels.

Cottage window

The look: revert to the cottagecore theme

After you have dealt with getting the internal comfort sorted, it’s your decor that then needs some attention. 

The most appropriate theme to follow would be cottagecore, an aesthetic movement that draws inspiration from the rural lifestyle. It’s become the fashionable trend to emulate for home renovators over the last couple of years, and if it’s good enough for them, it’s good enough for you. 

Floral patterns are key to it all and you can introduce floral prints with soft furnishings such as curtains and valances, wallpaper and antique door knobs. 

For any replacement windows and doors, we recommend a pastel-coloured finish for a cottage-type effect and to make your home gloriously standout during those dark winter days.

Cottage style

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