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May 2013

Get The Perfect Windows For Your Home

With any new home design project there is always numerous things to consider. Often you come face to face with technical jargon that you do not understand, or you are not entirely sure which product you specifically need. Windows are no exception, with a wide variation of window styles which can then be further customised it is hardly surprising that people get confused. So if you cannot tell your Georgian from Sash and are considering buying double glazing in Barnsley, double glazing in Doncaster or double glazing in Halifax then there are some things you need to decide.

Firstly you need to consider the overall look you are going for. If you have a more traditional home then you might decide on purchasing a set of Georgian windows. These suit traditional houses perfectly and allow lots of light into the home. Tilt and turn windows are more common in modern houses, these windows combine practicality with style so you do not need to choose between functionality and appearance. Sash windows have been popular for centuries in Britain and they are still going strong today. Sash windows combine the functionality of UVPC with the style of timber frames making them a stylish choice for any home owner.

The material used in the construction of your windows will impact how they perform for your home. UVPC windows are the most common type of window available on the market. They are virtually maintenance free and can be customised to add a touch of individuality to your home.

The glass used in your windows can also give your home a unique appearance. Bevelled glass in the top section of your window gives an appearance of depth to your window while making your home more stylish. Coloured glass can be used in your new windows to create stunning visual effects and make your home stand out from the crowd. The colour can be applied to the centre of the glass or to just the edges so you can be as bold with your design as you want to be.

You also need to make sure that the windows you buy are energy efficient. Double glazing allows your windows to trap heat inside your home which reduces the amount you need to pay for heating bills. Double glazing is combined with quality craftsmanship to ensure that your new windows are secure, sturdy and will last for many years.

By fully researching the product you want you can ensure that you get the perfect windows for you and that you can be happy coming home for many years.

Revised Planning Laws Give You More Room For Improvement

Adding more space and realising your dream home with a new conservatory or orangery from West Yorkshire Windows will be even easier this summer when legislation permitting larger home extensions – crucially without the need for planning consent – comes into force on 30 May 2013.

Essentially, if the planned extension is single storey and located to the rear of the property – a brief which fits the large majority of installed conservatories and orangeries – then homeowners can extend to twice the size that was permitted by previous legislation without planning permission. This affords homeowners the luxury of extending 6 metres from the rear wall of an attached property, such as a semi-detached or terraced property and 8 metres from the rear wall of a detached property, without being delayed or restricted by an application for planning permission. The previous limits were 3 metres and 4 metres respectively.

The maximum height permitted has remained at 4m for a single storey extension but in West Yorkshire Windows’ 19 years of experience this has rarely ever posed a restriction on the design of their classic and contemporary conservatories and orangeries.

Instead of an application for planning permission, a Neighbour Consultation Process will take place but this will be conducted by the Local Authority and in many cases will be a formality, unless one of your directly adjoining neighbours feels that there is an ‘unacceptable impact on neighbours amenity’ and formally states this within 21 days of being notified of the plan. In this unlikely event, the Local Authority will make a ruling.

The introduction of this legislation literally gives you much more room for improvement if you decide to invest in your home. It’s been well documented that many homeowners are choosing to ‘improve rather than move’ and there’s simply never been a better time to do this, thanks to both the relaxed planning legislation and West Yorkshire Windows’ fantastic Summer Offers.

Thanks to modern and innovative glazing materials which help to regulate the temperature whatever the weather, conservatories and orangeries now act as room for all year round and an increasing number of homeowners are now relocating kitchens, dining rooms, offices and children’s play areas into their West Yorkshire Windows conservatory or orangery – a trend that will surely be encouraged to continue with the Government’s new stance on planning permission.

Buy A West Yorkshire Windows Conservatory For Summer Excitement

Fingers crossed but it looks as though the weather is taking a turn for the better if the past few days are anything to go by. When the sun shines and temperatures are high at this time of the year, we automatically turn our attentions to the summer months; holidays predominantly coming to the fore.

But you should never forget the importance of caring for your home at this time of the year and turning it into a place where you can revel in the many good things that warm weather brings. To make it a summer you will never forget why not invest in conservatories in Rotherham, conservatories in Sheffield or conservatories in Nottingham from West Yorkshire Windows.

Though the modern-day conservatory need not be solely limited to usage during the summer, it does provide something special when the weather is at its peak. Rather than feeling stuffy and overly warm, you will be pleasantly surprised at just how chilled a conservatory can be at this time of the year which makes it the perfect retreat when you want shelter from the direct path of the sun.

However, what it will provide in copiousness is a huge amount of natural sunlight. The sunshine never fails to put a smile on the face and it will have a similar effect each time you go to the trouble of utilising your conservatory as it will feel bright and make you feel extremely happy.

Due to its size, a conservatory makes for the perfect family room. Whether you use it as a living or dining area, you and your fellow family members will be able to soak in the atmosphere it creates as one.

You can explore a whole series of conservatory designs at your local West Yorkshire Windows showroom; they’re what the summer was made for.

Annual Energy Bills To Break The 1,500 Pound Barrier

The UK has experienced what seems to be one of the longest winters in living memory. Large parts of the country have been hit with a deluge of snowfall despite us being just a few days away from the Easter period when you would expect temperatures to be much higher. Because of the situation, many property owners have been forced into using their heating more than usual at this time of year.

The amount of energy consumed by the UK population this winter and with stocks in this country depleting on a daily basis this will have a huge effect on energy bills for next winter.

Our major energy companies buy fuel well in advance and energy consultants have confidently predicted that the average annual cost of our energy bills could well rise by as much as 200 pounds per year. Frightening when you consider that the average annual bill already sits at 1,500 pounds per year!

If you have yet to invest in double glazing in Dewsbury then this news should spur you into action as ensuring that your household is fully energy efficient is essential ahead of any further hikes in the cost of energy. New windows are an essential component in such a project as they will cut down heat loss and make the heat your home produces go further than it did prior to their installation.

Double glazing in Doncaster will prevent you having to over-use your heating, but without it having a hugely noticeable effect on the amount of warmth felt throughout your property. This should stop you from reaching a stage where you have no choice but to knock off your heating permanently in order to afford you bills; a situation that millions of Britons currently find themselves in.

The less energy we consume unnecessarily, the less likely it would be that we find ourselves in this situation. But find ourselves in this situation we do and it is up to each and every one of us to try and make a serious effort which means purchasing double glazing in Halifax.

Even if you cannot afford to get installed in every room in your house, fit it in those rooms you use most regularly and save up for the rest courtesy of the savings made on energy as a result of them being fitted.

Put your energies into preserving energy suppliers for the next generation!

Turn Off Your Heating And Rely On West Yorkshire Windows

Now that the weather has improved it gives you the ideal opportunity to rely on your heating system less than you will have been over the past few months. But this will be easier for some than others, most notably amongst those who have yet to invest in new windows as they are a vital component in ensuring that heat gets utilised effectively.

Anyone who has double glazing in Rotherham, double glazing in Sheffield or double glazing in Leeds installed by West Yorkshire Windows can expect to pay far less on their heating bills over the next few months.

Our energy efficient windows are specially designed to transfer the heat of the sun inside the home throughout the day so that living spaces never go cold. Because they don’t waste a single unit of energy, your abode will feel so much warmer than it did prior to their installation which affords you the chance to turn down, or even turn off your thermostat.

When darkness begins to fall and temperatures start to drop at night, the cold air won’t be able to force its way inside your home due to the level of thermal insulation provided. Whilst there may be the odd occasion during the spring and summer when you may need to utilise your boiler, it won’t be to the extent you have to when you only have single glazed windows present.

The more you all do to use less household energy, the less likely it is that traditional fossils will deplete in large quantities; fossil fuels being essential in the functioning of our planet. West Yorkshire Windows is firmly committed to energy-saving and this is reflected in the products we provide.

Visit one of our four showrooms in Doncaster, Leeds, Sheffield or Wakefield to view our full window range.


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